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On-line readings for EDEL335

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Links to REQUIRED & SUPPLEMENTAL on-line readings:


Alberta Education Social Studies Curricula:


  • K-3  (Includes "Front Matter, pp. 1-12)
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6  



**NEW** 2018 REVISED Curriculum Documents




What is Powerful Social Studies? 

Powerful, Purposeful Pedagogy in Elementary Social Studies

Backwards Design, Big Ideas, Enduring Understandings,

Essential Questions

"Backwards Design" chapter in Understanding by Design (Wiggins & McTighe) - requires U of A Library login if accessing off-campus 

Focusing on Big Ideas and Key Issues

Framing Essential Questions
Outcomes and Objectives

3-Dimensional Model of Bloom's Taxonomy

Bloom's Taxonomy Action Verb & Task Wheel

Creating Successful Learning Objectives

Social Constructivism 

Constructivism & Social Constructivism in the Classroom


Alberta Assessment Consortium website

Alberta Assessment Consortium: Key Visual (Assessment flowchart) 

Carol Ann Tomlinson: The Bridge between Today's Lesson and Tomorrow's

Inquiry Learning Focus on Inquiry

Diversity & Inclusion 

ATA: Here Comes Everyone

ATA: Education is our Buffalo

Teaching For Diversity

Epstein article: Racial Identity and Young People’s Perspectives on Social Education

Zine article: Inclusive schooling in a plural society: Removing the margins 

Evaluating & Selecting Resources 

Curriculum Materials Evaluation 

10 Quick Ways to Analyze Children's Books for Racism & Sexism

Oyate: How to tell the difference (FNMI evaluation criteria)

Critical Evaluation of Internet Resources

Critical Thinking 

Critcal Thinking in Social Studies 

Geographic Thinking

Hurren article: School geography and academic geography

Teachers' Beliefs about Geography

Historical Thinking

Benchmarks of Historical Thinking Framework (Aug 18).doc

Historical Thinking PPT

Controversial Issues

Harwood & Hahn article: Controversial Issues in the Classroom  

Social Action

"Democratic Twittering": Using Social Media in the Social Studies Classroom


























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